Drag Racing – Meremere

Drag Meeting 28th May 2023

Drag Meeting

The Ford Muscle Car Club will be holding a drag racing meeting
The day is open to everyone
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Drag Racing Format
Dial your own
Each competitor will get four practice runs, from those four runs you will dial your own time that you will not go faster than eg. If you put 14seconds then you must not go faster than that 14 seconds if you do then you will be eliminated.
If you win your heat then you will progress to the next round and keep going until you are either eliminated or you win.
Once you are eliminated you are out of the dial your own competition.
After winning places are found for the dial your own rounds then we will hold grudge races which you are able to do as many times as you like.
Scrutineering 8.30 – 10.00
Drivers Briefing 10.15
DYO Practice x 4 10.30
DYO Racing 11.30 onwards
After Lunch Grudge Racing